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We offer a full range of real estate services tailored to you as an investor or homeowner. We have an extensive portfolio of single family homes, townhouses and condos in the Denver Metro, Boulder, and Front Range (Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, Broomfield, Niwot, Northglenn, Longmont, Superior, Frederick, Firestone, Brighton, Dacono, Westminster, and Thornton).

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What we do as your Lafayette Real Estate company:

Wonder what your property is worth? +

Give us a call to provide you with a Comparative Market Analyses (CMA) report that provides up to date market valuations of your property in comparison to what's occurring now in the market and most importantly, in your neighborhood. A CMA will review your properties historical valuation against homes in your zip code, providing years of graphical representation of real estate market trends showing when appreciation and depreciation have occurred and at what level for your property and your town. It will also note side by side recent competitive analysis of recently sold property and current property that is on the market, providing a strong valuation perspective in real time with up to date and local market data.

What can you expect to receive at the end of the transaction? +

We'll provide you an Estimated Seller's Net Sheet that details where your costs are regarding selling, and what your potential return on the transaction will be at the closing table based upon several proposed sales figures. This is a powerful document that assists in detailing the financial perspective of what selling your property will bring to your bottom line, as well as showing a model for various pricing proposals and how that bottom line would be affected. Thinking about selling your property? This document, coupled with a CMA, will provide you with all the information you require to see if selling your property makes sense for you now, and if so, what your expected financial result may be when sold.

Thinking about selling and unsure of what your next steps should be? +

We'll consult with you on all landscaping, exterior & interior property "Curb Appeal" projects. Our extensive relationships with high quality vendors will be happy to assist you in consulting and quoting proposed work to insure the highest possible return on the sale of your property. There's a lot of preparation work that's involved in selling your home, far more than agreeing to a List Price and placing a For Sale sign in your front yard. To maximize your Return on Investment and insure your highest possible Market Price (what a Buyer will actually pay for your property, the List Price is what the Seller is asking for the property and the figure for what the property is marketed at) a Seller will want to insure their property and improvements (home or outbuildings) are presented to interested Buyers in their best possible condition.

Marketing Your Property +

Marketing expertise coupled with the latest tactics and deliverables will insure your property is represented at the peak of its peers and in front of its competitors. Professionally shot interior and exterior photos coupled with virtual tour video, YouTube, a dedicated property website, property data sheets, extensive use of social media and third party websites (Trulia, ColoProperty.com, Realtor.com, YouTube...) and a mobile site accessed by your own private QR code.

Your property will have exposure in both of the Multiple Listing Systems (MLS) used in Denver, Boulder, and the Front Range. Every real estate agent who's looking to purchase a home in and around this geography will have full access to your listing to introduce and tour with their buyers.

Showing Your Property +

To assist with scheduling showings and to insure accurate showings of your property, we partner with a professional scheduling agency. Partnering with this service insures that only legitimate, licensed real estate agents accompany their clients on a walkthrough tour of your property during a very specific time frame only after being authorized by you. This service provides additional layers of protection and safety for our seller partners, and degrades the ability of insincere buyers or others to just "look around" your property on a whim.

Area and Industry Expertise +

The Boulder, Denver, and Front Range real estate markets are organic and ever changing; month to month, season to season, year over year. Agreeing to a list price isn't the end of the conversation; constant attention to detail on how the market is behaving, recognizing new competitive properties introduced to the neighborhood and city, what properties that have sold, have gone under contract, or have been withdrawn to the market all have an effect on your competitive position in the market. It's our job to insure we're marketed to the limit of what the market will bear for your property, ensuring your strategic goals for real estate are exceeded, and maximizing your return on investment for your property is fulfilled. Monitoring and communicating market conditions is paramount for securing the best possible results for our buyer and seller partners.

Residential Property Buyers

On the buyers side we have experience in new home and existing home sales, as well as experience helping the investor. We believe the buying process should be about finding the right home.

Sellers of Residential Property

We offer full service sales assistance and can advise on sales price, staging your home and educating you on what can be expected in regards to offers in today's sales market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When buying a new home, what upgrades should we consider? What holds the most value? Do we upgrade the lot? Do we increase the square footage? Add an extra bedroom?, etc.


A lot depends on why you are buying the house. Are you buying it mostly as a home or mostly as an investment? There is a difference.

For the most part, upgrades are high-profit items for builders. They aren't designed to enhance the value of the house, but make you happier with the house you do buy.

If you are looking at your home as an investment, then you buy from the smaller to medium size in the tract and spend only a minimal amount on upgrades. If you are looking at your purchase as a home, then you select upgrades that will enhance your quality of living.


Lafayette Area Information

Lafayette is bordered by the Town of Erie to the north and east, by the City of Broomfield to the east and south, and by the City of Louisville to the southwest; with a 2010 census population of 24,453.

Lafayette was founded in 1878 by Mary Miller. She and her husband, Lafayette Miller, had moved to the area to farm land acquired via the Homestead Act in 1871. The city quickly became a part of the coal-mining boom that all of eastern Boulder and southwestern Weld counties were experiencing, with the Cannon and Simpson mines being the largest and most productive. By 1914 Lafayette was a booming town with two banks, four hotels, and a brickworks. Lafayette was also the location of a power station that served Louisville, Boulder, Longmont, and Fort Collins.

Lafayette hosts a variety of unique events each year, including an oatmeal festival in cooperation with the Quaker Oats Company in the winter, a peach festival in the summer, and Art Night Out hosted in Old Town Lafayette with live music, beer and wine garden, artist booths, children's activities & more.

There's plenty of recreation with outstanding views of the Rocky Mountains to be found in the 14 neighborhood parks, Frisbee golf course, coal creek trail, Waneka Lake, and the Indian Peaks Golf Course which was designed by three-time U.S. Open winner Hale Irwin. Lafayette is served with an award-winning middle school, day-care and preschools, and a K-12 charter school.




Centaurus High School

Centaurus High School is an Engineering School, and an International Baccalaureate Focus School that provides an environment rich in academia. CHS also offers a wide range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Our AP and Honors programs, Fine Arts and Practical Arts programs, Pre- Engineering programs, and exceptional extra-curricular programs ensure that each of our students are prepared for a competitive future. Our school's enrollment is just over 1,000 students, ensuring a learning community that is large enough to offer an array of courses and programs, yet small enough to provide individual academic guidance and assistance. We begin our community building in 9th grade with our unique 4-Year Advisory Program and 360 mentoring program. AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), International Baccalaureate, and Pre-Engineering provide students the most rigorous courses in preparation for highly academic majors at the University level. Both AVID and Pre-Engineering classes are enhanced by partnerships with local universities and community mentors. The Engineering Partnership with the University of Colorado provides students the opportunity for guaranteed admission to the CU School of Engineering. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program provides students with the academic preparation to compete nationally and internationally.

Peak to Peak Charter School

Peak to Peak is a K-12 public charter school offering a liberal arts, character-based, college preparatory curriculum. It is designed from the ground up for graduates to meet or exceed the entrance requirements of top colleges and universities. Students at Peak to Peak who demonstrate a mastery of knowledge and skills are challenged through appropriate placement in each subject area. The school is small enough to ensure that each student is known and valued but large enough to provide a variety of academic, athletic, and extracurricular activities.

Peak to Peak's elementary program uses components of the nationally recognized Core Knowledge program. Students entering middle school enroll in courses specifically designed to prepare students to take and succeed in Peak to Peak's advanced courses. Peak to Peak's high school features the "Peak Scholar Award." Designed to challenge students who desire a well-rounded high school experience, the Peak Scholar Diploma indicates to highly selective colleges the Peak Scholar's commitment to excellence.

Angevine Middle School

Angevine Middle School is a neighborhood school in Lafayette, CO. We serve grades six, seven and eight by offering a challenging and rigorous academic curriculum that is supported comprehensively throughout the school. At Angevine we practice a true inclusion model of middle level education. Our special education program is designed to support as many of our students with special needs as possible within the regular programs. We aim to correct or mitigate these students' learning problems with appropriate individual instruction. Talented and Gifted students are offered encouragement through an enrichment program which provides acceleration options. Through our close ties with Centaurus High School, we are even able to offer qualified students the opportunity to take high school courses. These students, like all of our students, are treated as individuals with their own potentialities and aspirations, strengths and weaknesses. Apart from knowledge, of course, we believe that the most valuable asset that Angevine students can carry with them into high school and on into college is an enthusiasm for learning. We are privileged to have the teaching staff, the administrative staff, and a parent body dedicated to fostering constructive enthusiasm.

Lafayette Elementary School

Lafayette Elementary School provides a rich academic program in a culturally diverse environment. Students benefit from individualized opportunities made possible by a comprehensive Talented and Gifted focus program. This program is designed to provide personalized instruction for identified gifted students and advanced programming for academically talented students. A full-time Talented and Gifted Coordinator works directly with students, teachers and parents to design educational experiences based upon identified strengths and talents. The staff is committed to providing differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all students, including second language learners and children with special needs. A character education program, class meetings, Peace Place and leadership groups for students foster a positive school climate. Preschool classes, Kindergarten Enrichment for Kindergarten students, and the School Age Childcare (SAC) program offer additional options to families at our school. Lafayette Elementary is a nurturing neighborhood school and a diverse, inclusive and exciting place to learn.

Escuela Bilingüe Pioneer Elementary

Located in Old Town Lafayette, Escuela Bilingue Pioneer is a 90/10 dual immersion bilingual focus school where all students enroll through the district's open-enrollment process. An effort is made to balance students based upon their home language and language of dominance. There is a bi-literacy instructional focus across the school as students work toward building bridges between Spanish and English. A multilingual perspective is infused throughout the curriculum. Pioneer students benefit from 80 minutes of instruction in physical education, music, art, library and technology each week. Additionally, Pioneer values community partnerships to offer a variety of after-school enrichment. This school also offers free and tuition preschool classes that have a focus on both academic and developmental learning standards.

Ryan Elementary School

Ryan Elementary STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) School is a dynamic learning community with a focus on authentically partnering with families and the community to prepare students for the 21st century. Along with delivering common core standards, Ryan focuses on developing the whole child with experiential project-based learning activities in the STEAM areas. Ryan embraces technology like interactive white boards, iPads, Chrome Books, document cameras and 3-D projectors as a tool for engaging students and supporting learning. We strongly believe partnerships nurture excellence and therefore we partner with the University of Colorado, Thorne Nature Experience, Growe Foundation, and Impact on Education to name a few. We offer a wide variety of after-school programming to extend the learning day and to support our focus. This school also offers free and tuition preschool classes that have a focus on both academic and developmental learning standards.

Alicia Sanchez International School

At Alicia Sanchez Elementary we honor diversity and individuality in a safe learning environment. We will build a community where students, families and staff are mutually respected. We strive to inspire and challenge all to be creative, contributing members of society, as we develop lifelong learners with our high standard of academic excellence. We believe that all children are capable of learning. We are committed through sensitive, compassionate understanding to provide an atmosphere that encourages students to develop their full potential. We want all students to achieve their academic, creative, and physical potential in order to become responsible, contributing citizens. We believe that the vision and mission statements of Sanchez Elementary support the mission of the Boulder Valley School District to challenge students to achieve their academic, creative and physical potential in order to become responsible, contributing citizens and fulfills the requirements expected of our constituents for the 21st Century graduate.


Running River School

We strive to build an alternative model of education that deeply connects children and parents to themselves, humanity and the planet. Our mission is to educate each individual to develop their highest potential through an integrated and balanced intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual curriculum.

Alexander Dawson School

Alexander Dawson School challenges its students to achieve excellence of mind, body, and character through a rigorous college-preparatory program. Dawson graduates are young men and women who achieve their individual potential, savor life, and meet the challenges of the world. Dawson is committed to the development of character. To facilitate the work of the community in this area, Dawson has adopted four virtues as points of emphasis: respect, compassion, courage, and integrity.

RESPECT is defined as a sense of the worth of a person, a personal quality or ability, or the manifestation of a personal quality or ability.

COMPASSION is the humane quality of understanding the trials, challenges, and suffering of others and the desire to do something about it.

COURAGE is the quality of mind that enables an individual to face difficulty while overcoming apprehension or fear.

INTEGRITY is a commitment to a set of core virtues, both personal and communal, and the self-respect that comes from doing the right thing, being honest, and being ethical.

Adventure Montessori Learning Inc

Adventure Montessori Learning Inc. offers an educational continuum from infants through the sixth grade. We offer a safe and nurturing educational environment in a Montessori setting. We believe, in our Montessori environment, that every child will become competent, confident, compassionate, and above all capable. We know that within each child is the seed of unlimited potential which will guide that child into adulthood. In our day care center as well as our private school, we emphasize an individualized educational experience as opposed to a strict "one size fits all" based education. At AML we utilize many different modalities to teach and achieve our developmental and educational goals. At Adventure Montessori, each child is educated in accordance with their own rate of development. Our focus is to continually stimulate each individual student through an enriched educational environment consisting of activities, materials, and extensions that promote experimentation at every developmental level. Our school proudly features an orchard, vegetable gardens, and our very own animals.

Petunia Montessori

The Petunia Montessori mission is to provide opportunities for young children to connect, learn, be and grow. Using the Montessori method we strive for optimal human development through a natural and supportive environment and by adapting that environment for a child to fulfill his or her greatest potential. We serve children from ages 1 through 3 and are licensed by the Colorado Department of Human Services.

Forest Park Montessori School

The Montessori curriculum is based on respect for each child. The secret of teaching respectfully is to pay close attention to the nature of the child at each stage of development and to design a classroom with appropriate and alluring activities and materials that allow the children to independently and creativity explore. Growth of the whole child is fostered by creating experiences that encourage healthy growth-emotionally, physically, socially and cognitively.

Primrose School of Lafayette

Parents with infant's to Kindergarten aged children choose a Primrose education because they know our high quality standards are based on the latest research and successful professional practices. You can put your trust in Primrose Schools. With passionate management team members and teachers, a proven curriculum, the highest standards for excellence, and a strong partnership with parents, the foundation we provide for children not only meet, but exceed parents' expectations. We know that With the Right Foundation, Anything is Possible ®.

Living in Lafayette

If you’d like additional detailed information or explanations into Lafayette's demographic and mapping data that is shown below, be sure to click anywhere within the widget where you’ll then have the opportunity to individually click and review the Livability, Amenities, Cost of Living, Crime, Education, Employment, Housing, and Weather portions of the demographic data shown here. There’s a wealth of information to be learned from this portion of the website, and if you’re looking to live or invest in a new city, then this resource should definitely be reviewed as part of your decision making process.

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