After Closing

Congratulations, you've purchased a new home! Now what, other than moving in and making this property your home? There're still some things to do after closing is completed with new keys in hand. The following are good ideas to review and have either completed or in motion to be completed right after possession of your new home:

  • Rekey all entryway locks and re-program the keypad on the garage door opener if applicable. The only set of keys that you want available to open your new doors are the ones you are in possession of, not the ones that may or may not still be out in the general public. Rest easy and have them rekeyed and reset as soon as possible, especially if the property used to be a rental unit.
  • Clean out the dryer vents and HVAC ducting. Generally those are the last parts of a house that are thought of to be cleaned, and who knows when the last time was when they were cleaned out, if ever. Clogged dryer vents are very common flashpoints for house fires, be sure the dryer when installed doesn’t have its ventilation pipe compromised by being squeezed partially shut. HVAC ducts can have all sorts of toys, dust and debris, construction material, pet hair, and even dead rodents in them, so having them cleaned is not only a good idea but an inexpensive idea as well. Some van mounted carpet cleaning companies not only clean carpets, but tile, shower stalls, HVAC and dryer vents also, so much can be accomplished with a single call.
  • Have all your subscriptions changed over to your new mailing address, and be sure to complete the US Postal Service Change of Address Form to insure you have uninterrupted mail service. Alert any insurance and financial institutions to reflect a change of address so bills and payments are not missed or sensitive financial data is not forwarded to an old address.
  • Be sure to understand who services your utilities, television and internet, and garbage/recycling so they can be active and set up when closing is completed.


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